Anne Perry

Anne’s publishing career began with The Cater Street Hangman. Published in 1979, this was the first book in the series to feature the Victorian policeman Thomas Pitt and his well-born wife Charlotte. This is arguably the longest sustained crime series by a living writer. The latest of these is The Angel Court Affair

In 1990, Anne started a second series of detective novels with The Face of a Stranger. These are set about 35 years before and features the private detective William Monk and volatile nurse Hester Latterly. The most recent of these is Blood on the Water.

Anne won an Edgar award in 2000 with her short story "Heroes". The main character in the story features in an ambitious five-book series set during the First World War, which were published between 2003 and 2007. Anne is now working on more titles in the Pitt and Monk series, and her most recent stand-alone book – an epic set in the exotic and dangerous world of the Byzantine Empire entitled The Sheen on the Silk – also appeared on the New York Times Bestseller List

None of her books has ever been out of print, and they have received critical acclaim and huge popular success: over 20 million books are in print world-wide. Her books have appeared on bestseller lists in a number of foreign countries, where she has also had excellent reviews. The Times selected her as one of the "100 Masters of Crime".

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  • “She has no peer.” Alfred Hitchcock Magazine
  • Livres Hebdo bestseller list 1997
  • No. 11 in Livres Hebdo Bestseller list August 1988
  • 5 weeks in top 10 Livres Hebdo bestseller list Feb-March 1999
  • No.1 on Livres Hebdo bestseller list July 1999
  • Top 10 in Livres Hebdo
  • “With the palette of a watercolour painter, she reveals the comings and goings of the bourgeoisie at large in London with little touches and always with finesse. A fluid limpid style but strong medicine!” Elle (Paris)
  • “Her finely drawn characters couldn't be more comfortable within the customs and sensibility of their historical period, for which Ms Perry once again demonstrates her true and lively passion.” New York Times Book Review
  • Washington Post Bestseller List
  • Der Spiegel Bestseller List
  • “The author has the eyes of a hawk for character nuance and her claws out for the signs of ... criminal injustice.” New York Times Book Review
  • USA Today Bestseller List
  • Boston Globe Bestseller List
  • Boston Globe Bestseller List
  • “Riveting” Publisher's Weekly

  • No. 4 on Waldenbooks Mystery Bestseller list, February 1994
  • USA Today Bestseller List, February 1995
  • “Perry's immense talent makes [this] one of the best mysteries of the season and confirms her as the finest writer of historical mysteries around today.” Toronto Sun

    “In addition to being a splendidly plotted yarn, Perry... explores the nature of power” Publisher's Weekly

  • Book of the Month Club Main Selection
  • No. 4 in Livres Hebdo Bestseller list (January 2004)
  • Book of the Month Club Main Selection
  • San Francisco Chronicle Bestseller List
  • Wall Street Journal Bestseller List
  • Nominated for an Edgar Award
  • “Beautifully crafted.” Cosmopolitan

    “The novel has a totally contemporary feel and is admirably well-written.” The Guardian

  • “Elegant period novel with a contemporary resonance… Perry has a wonderful feel for period and remains utterly convincing.” The Guardian
  • “This subtle play on sex roles, a constant in this rewarding series, may well be the secret of its profound appeal.” New York Times

  • “In a richly textured narrative, a solution emerges which… is at once neat and satisfying.” The Scotsman
  • “Edgar-Award winner Anne Perry pulls out the stops and delivers one of the finest performances of her career… This is a mesmerizing and suspenseful tale, rich in period detail, rife with articulate and believable characters.” Publishers Weekly (starred review)
  • “It’s a beauty, brilliantly presented, ingeniously developed and packed with political implications that reverberate on every level of British society… Pitt delivers Perry’s most harrowing insights into the secret lives of the elegant Victorians who have long enchanted and repelled her.” New York Times

    “Like reading Thackeray edited by Elmore Leonard.” Booklist

  • No 5 on New York Times bestseller list
  • No 7 on Washington Post bestseller list
  • No 7 on Publishing News bestseller list
  • “Fast moving and utterly engrossing.” (starred review) Booklist

    “Was there ever a writer as dependable as Anne Perry? Her latest…novel Southampton Row is as rich in Victorian detail and as clever in plot as the previous 21 novels in this series… The quality is as high as ever.” Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine

    “Blackmail and another death are unearthed before the exciting and explosive climax to this finely crafted period piece.” Coventry Evening Telegraph

    “…the excellent mysteries of which she is a virtuoso.” The Scotsman

  • No. 21 on New York Times Bestseller List
  • No. 29 on
  • No. 11 on Book Sense Bestseller List
  • “Perry, selected by the London Times as one of the twentieth century’s ‘100 Masters of Crime’ is still knocking them dead in the twenty first.” Booklist

    “Perry once again delivers a complex and satisfying tale that fans of the series will devour.” Publishers Weekly

  • New York Times Bestseller list
  • “For years I’ve resisted the work of Anne Perry…but this latest … shows the folly of my ways.” Baltimore Sun
  • 'Agatha' Award nominee
  • Chicago Tribune Bestseller List
  • No. 9 in Livres Hebdo Bestseller List August 1998
  • “First rate.” New York Times

  • Winner, Best Traditional Mystery Novel (Mystery News)
  • Chicago Tribune Bestseller List
  • 4 weeks in Livres Hebdo Bestseller List May 1999
  • “Another winner... The story ends in a courtroom drama loaded with vigor, tension and poignancy.” Kirkus Reviews

    “Excellently told... [Anne Perry] thoroughly understands the period.” Publishing News

  • No. 7 in Livres Hebdo Bestseller List October 1999
  • “Toe-curling… Perry is excellent on 19th century law, mid-Victorian manners, domestic minutiae and off-beat, in-depth characters.” Good Book Guide (January 2000)

  • Barnes and Noble Bestseller list
  • Publishers Weekly Bestseller list, September 1994
  • USA Today Bestseller list, September 1994
  • No 4 on Livres Hebdo Bestseller list, March 2000
  • “In this surpassingly excellent historical and psychologically intricate mystery, Perry makes deft use of history to cast additional light on modern-day issues.” Publisher's Weekly

  • Barnes and Noble Bestseller list
  • Toronto Globe and Mail Bestseller list
  • No 2 on Livres Hebdo Bestseller list (May 2001)
  • “Typical Anne Perry - just when you think you have it figured out, think again! No one can capture and bring to life the drama, excitement and feel of Victorian England like Perry. Her novels take you deeper than just the mystery at hand, to probe the characters' reactions and the frailties of human nature.” Mostly Murder

    “A triumph… A model of the richness and subtleties of relationships, characters and story construction.” Chicago Sun-Times

  • No.3 on Livres Hebdo bestseller list
  • “Careful investigation and astute teamwork produce some astonishing revelations that presage the end of Victorian propriety and an era's pretense of innocence.” Publisher's Weekly (starred review)

    “Scenes [are] described in lush, sensuous strokes by Ms Perry… Monk, the dark and brooding hero… infuses this luxuriantly detailed series with its romantic soul.” New York Times Book Review

  • “[A] convincing yet disturbing picture of early Victorian London.” Publishers Weekly
  • “If Dickens had written detective stories, they would have been like this. Enough said. *****” Darlington Northern Echo

    “The action careers between the low-and high-born in Victorian society. The denouement is shocking, and the characters are so richly drawn that you’ll miss them when they’re gone.” Los Angeles Times

  • “[An] exceptional novel.” Publishers Weekly
  • “Captivating… One of Perry’s most engrossing puzzlers… A period piece in the best sense, the action seamlessly growing out of the social tapestry she weaves.” People (A Page-Turner of the Week)

  • No. 1 on Livres Hebdo Bestseller list
  • No. 1 on Booksense Bestseller List
  • No. 10 on Publishers’ Weekly Bestseller List
  • “Perry’s characters are richly drawn and the plot satisfyingly serpentine. However, the best element in this novel is Perry’s depiction of the excitement preceding and the butchery during the Battle of Bull Run, reminiscent of Thackeray’s unflinching portrait of Waterloo in Vanity Fair. As Hester uses her Crimean War nursing experience to aid the stricken soldiers, her feelings of revulsion and inadequacy are especially compelling. A remarkable addition to the Perry canon.” Booklist

    “An impressive tale, well plotted and full of surprises.” Historical Novels Review

    “Perry breathes fire into her main characters… This is one of her best.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

    “[A] meticulously constructed series.” New York Times Book Review

    “Hollywood is reading Slaves of Obsession by Anne Perry… I hate to start her books because I don’t want to finish, because then I have to wait for the next one.” King Features Synd.

  • No. 17 New York Times Bestseller List
  • No. 13 on Wall Street Journal Bestseller List
  • “The nature of truth, or lies, or memory is at the heart of Perry’s writing, and she never permits the answers to be simple.” Booklist

    “Another gripping Victorian spellbinder… Perry’s deep, sympathetic characterizations help cement the complex plot… Highly recommended.” Library Journal

    “Reigning monarch of the Victorian mystery… immersion therapy of a visit to 19th Century Britain.” People Magazine

  • No. 26 New York Times Bestseller List
  • “Perry has written another compelling story of greed, cunning, and passion, featuring characters that readers have come to know and love. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

    “At last… the secrets of Monk’s past are dramatically revealed and the mystery of his identity conclusively resolved. After holding out for so long on this tantalizing puzzle, Perry might have made it the sole focus of her story. Instead, she draws out the suspense with a parallel plot… As thoroughly as Perry has covered this territory, her descriptions of these miserable streets and their wretched inhabitants still have the power to shock, as do her own unsentimental views on the appalling price of progress during the industrial age. Monk is not alone in his journey to enlightenment.” New York Times Book Review

  • “Anne Perry’s command of story-telling and power of description is terrifyingly real… as if watching live theatre. She has such perception of passion too. A very favourite author.” Bangor Chronicle
  • “Murder, theft and a whiff of the exotic: all the ingredients that Anne Perry needs to weave her magic and conjure up another atmospheric investigation for William Monk. And no one does atmosphere quite as well as Perry; the images of Victorian London which she creates are so rich and thick you could almost grab them by the handful and squeeze out the drops. Perry keeps the reader guessing and puzzling right from the start.” Yorkshire Evening Post

    “The plot will resonate with fans of Dickens’s riparian novel, Our Mutual Friend. And, as always, Perry uses her characters and story to comment on ethical issues that remain as relevant today as they were in Victorian times. Expect another bestseller.” Publishers Weekly

    “The suspense becomes almost unbearable and the fiery denouement… is utterly unforgettable. I don’t know what else to say. Anne Perry just keeps getting better and better… The Shifting Tide marks a crucial, transitional episode in both the author’s vision of the Monks’ world and in her characters’ lives. I am completely enamored with this glowing, incredible book, and I can’t wait for the next one.”

    “With her visionary sensibility, Anne Perry is the master of the ‘you are there’ school of hist-myst storytelling… She doesn’t paint quaint pictures of a distant time; she projects herself into a living moment in the past, opens her eyes and describes what she sees. That sense of immediacy is especially vivid in [this book]… In scenes that could have come out of Dickens’s Our Mutual Friend, Monk wanders the teeming streets and ventures into the perilous river traffic… As the sailor says, ‘River’s full o’ tales’, and Perry knows how to bring them to life.” New York Times

  • “Anne Perry’s novels are widely acclaimed by connoisseurs of detective fiction as compelling page-turners with literary weight, sophisticated, carefully researched and elegantly written. With its colourful characterization and edge-of-the-seat plotting, this is a rich and compelling read.” Good Book Guide
  • “Much more than a whodunit, this book, possibly the author’s best yet, is especially effective at providing a nuanced look at a vital controversy of the day.” Breakout starred review in Publishers’ Weekly
  • “Perry again delivers searing social criticism with well-drawn continuing characters.” Booklist
  • “That rarest of seasonal thrillers: one that exemplifies the message and spirit of the holiday… This brief work has an almost Jamesian subtlety, and with its powerful message of responsibility and redemption – “We need both to forgive and to be forgiven” – it conveys a moral force in keeping with the season.” Wall Street Journal
  • “If you don’t have a lump in your throat by the time you finish the final few pages, you shouldn’t have had all that sherry.” Yorkshire Evening Post
  • “This absorbing mystery/spy thriller, set in tranquil Cambridge just before the onset of the Great War, marks a powerful start to bestseller Perry’s much anticipated new series.” * Starred review, Publishers Weekly
  • “This dazzling story is one of sheer brilliance.” Chronicle

    “Perry’s melancholy evocation of the ‘eternal afternoon’ that would soon turn to night all over England is lovely.” New York Times

  • “This is a particularly daring sort of novel, and that it’s Perry’s fantasy debut is nothing short of amazing. “Perry is best known for her period detective novels, but Tathea has nothing in common with them. Instead, it starts out like a religious allegory along the lines of C S Lewis’ “Narnia” books, as Queen Ta-Thea is forced to flee her kingdom and question her existence. The rest is like an account of a prophet’s travels, with Ta-Thea returning from her journey to share her new faith. “The twist in this case is that Perry has created a fictional religion instead of using one from reality. This is a pure fantasy, not an allegory, but one based on religion rather than politics. “There’s still a central figure battling to save the world, a magical object, a range of supernatural armies and mortal allies, but Ta-Thea’s means of saving the world is ultimately by transmitting a religion, not by raising an army and waging war (although she does that too). The magical object in her case is a religious tract… “This is an innovative, well-written, intriguing novel, far removed from and far above the norm. *****” SFX
  • “…ambitious, engrossing… she has devised here a powerful, inventive meditation on the possibilities that lie in and beyond the origin of religion.” Publishers’ Weekly

    “Perry’s readers may not follow her here, but this is fine work: a philosophical novel reminiscent of Erewhon, Gulliver’s Travels, and Candide.” Booklist, Chicago

    “From the very first page, this is riveting reading. Every facet of humanity is represented within a complex yet beautifully moving story, crafted with a depth of thought and the sometimes reckless abandon of a master storyteller… a truly epic tale, worthy of the several readings it may take to fully absorb its wisdom and unvarnished honesty.” NAPRA

  • “Readers whose tastes tend toward epic-sized mysteries set in a far-flung past will jump right in, captivated by the intriguing story and the author’s seemingly effortless grasp of her historical setting. This could open up a whole new readership for the versatile Perry.” Booklist (Oct 2009
  • “A battle between 13th-century religious factions forms the crux of this interesting departure for mystery novelist Perry (A Christmas Promise). Disguised as a eunuch, physician Anna Zarides arrives in Byzantium to learn why her brother has been accused of murdering Besarion Comnenos, a man with significant aristocratic and political ties. As she ministers to the emperor Michael Palaeologus, the Orthodox bishop Constantine, the Medea-like Zoe Chrysaphes as well as Arab, Jewish, Italian, and Greek tradespeople, she learns of the bitter divisions between Orthodoxy (whose followers do not believe in the Holy Spirit) and the Latin rite (whose followers do), as well as a power struggle among the emperor, the king of Naples and the Two Sicilies, and the pope. As the danger, betrayals, and dead bodies mount, Perry conveys an earnest message about obsession, sacrifice, and faith at a dazzling crossroads of East and West civilizations.” Publishers Weekly