Daniel Depp

Daniel studied Classics at the University of Kentucky, before moving on to form Scaramanga Brothers, a production company, with his brother.

Nominated for a Palme d'Or; starred Johnny Depp and Marlon Brando
Detective novels set in the film industry. Published by Severn House

‘The novel sparkles... If the author continues to create such vivid characters, this series will draw a loyal following.’ Booklist

'A stunner! The debut novel of Daniel (half-brother of Johnny) Depp ploughs deep into the sleazy world of Hollywood movie-makers, of which he has real experience, and it shows. Featuring David Spandau, a stuntman turned PI who only takes cases he wants to, and would rather be working as a rodeo rider. Bobby Dye, superstar acting talent is getting death threats, or is he? What's certain is that he's mixing with folks from the wrong side of town. This one is a diamond. I loved every page. Independent

'Depp blends its familiar elements with enthusiasm. He demonstrates a wicked behind-the-scenes awareness of Hollywood’s inherent absurdity and utilizes a wealth of old-school venues… Depp also turns the rare trick of creating supporting characters as charismatic as his lead… Sharp-tongued debut that obviously knows the City of Angels well.' Kirkus

'Wickedly funny, hugely entertaining… A fast-paced caper set amid the bright lights of the big City of Angels, it's sure to appeal to fans of Raymond Chandler, Elmore Leonard and James Ellroy. Brimming with seamy details that speak to insider knowledge, it'll leave you laughing and puzzling over which industry is more unsavoury, organised crime or movie-making.' Scotsman