Tom Boyle

Tom began his career as a writer by sweeping the floors at the Air Recording Studio in Oxford Street. While humming a tune as he worked, he met some of the musicians and artists who were recording there, and before long was working in collaboration as a songwriter and session guitarist.

He wrote a number five hit and went on to write four more top 40 hits as well as working with producer Trevor Horn.

Turning his hand to writing stage plays, Tom wrote The Last Days of Arrow for The Colony Theater, LA, and A Good Day to Live for The Broad Stage.

In England he was awarded the UK Film Consortium Bursary Prize for his Italian based screenplay, The Man From Rome.

He wrote the film Marines for Nu-Image Productions filmed in Sofia, and Volcano, filmed in Plovdiv for Millennium Films.

He wrote Pickton (Towers of London), and adapted Lorna Doone for Granada TV.

Other credits include:

The Ledge GFM/Evolution Films 2016

Firefox American Television Network

Sumari Canada Plus

Covert Affairs TV America

Samodivi UFO Pictures

The Code Millenium Films/Nu-Image (Uncredited)

Angel From Hell 3D Films, Wuxi

The Maven Integrated Arts and Media April 2015

For more than 10 years Tom has worked as a script doctor for Millennium Films, including on the screenplay ‘The Code’ starring Antonio Banderas and Morgan Freeman.