Chirag Upadhyay

A relative newcomer to comedy writing, Chirag first started writing scripts in 2019, after his natural frustration at never seeing anyone who represented him or his friends on TV. Chirag also took part in Grand Scheme Media, the comedy mentoring/training group with industry professionals. Only a year later, this talented Londoner, of Indian/Gujarati heritage had already secured a place on the renowned BBC Comedy Writers Room, 2020/2021 and learned much more about his craft. 

BBC Radio 4’s News Quiz comedy show has recently benefited from many of Chirag’s gags, where he hopes to contribute further in the future. 

Chirag enjoys writing family sitcoms as well as grittier comedy drama and has a variety of comedy scripts available. He loves classic TV comedy and has wide-ranging taste, from Only Fools and Horses  to Curb Your Enthusiasm or any comedian that can shock with their humorous take on life’s complexities.

During the day, Chirag works as a brand consultant within the advertising world, and spends his evenings and spare time creating his own comedy scripts.

Chirag is represented by Roz Kidd.