Cassie Jauffret-Lenzi

Deserved Winner of the 2018 Sitcom Mission with her brilliant black comedy script, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Cassie was proud to impress the panel of industry judges with her very first script. An experienced copywriter in the frantic world of advertising by day and secret screenwriter in her spare time (including lunchbreaks), Cassie is a born and bred Londoner with two degrees (Literature & Languages) to her name from the illustrious Universities of Oxford and Edinburgh.

Cassie’s self-deprecating sense of humour permeates her work, so the themes of a woman initially lying about having cancer in order to secure a date and sympathy soon darken further when the shocking truth emerges. Thematically, Cassie’s fascinated by the awkwardness in some people’s relationships. Within her writing, she likes to push difficult boundaries, making the audience feel that little bit uncomfortable. Cassie firmly believes there is comedy in everything if you just look for it and she likes looking for it.

Cassie fell hard for comedy whilst “growing up”, watching classic British comedy shows like I’m Alan Partridge, Big Train and The Office. Today, her writing and comedy influences include, Julia Davis, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Ricky Gervais.

When she’s not writing, Cassie is a frequent reader at Cringe Night, an event where people read to an audience from their embarrassing teenage diaries. She is also currently continuing to write scripts for television, so look out for her credit on a screen near you very soon!