Moira James-Moore

Moira James-Moore is a young graduate from the respected MA in Screenwriting programme at London University’s Goldsmiths College.   Her debut script, Re-Takes, is a black coming-of-age comedy about a young female’s student’s sexual and intellectual awakening at university.  Her comedy drama series about a young couple’s marriage meltdown is under option to producer Colleen Woodcock at Seven Stories.

Previously Moira herself was so dejected after completing an English Literature Degree and in order to escape a depressing call centre job, she embarked upon the Goldsmiths course and was reminded of the power of the written word. Moira is proud to describe herself as a post-modern young feminist screenwriter. She is inspired by Fleabag creator, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Will Sharpe’s Flowers TV series. Moira’s style of writing is darkly humorous, and she loves films where the line between laughing and crying is extremely thin.

Moira’s recent screenwriting comedy drama TV series includes HUNG UP, about unromantic ghosting; ON PROBATION, set in the world of community rehabilitation; and PROSPECTS, co-written, with Heidi O’Loughlin, exploring the perils of working within the world of pyramid schemes.

Moira is represented by Roz Kidd