Philip Johnstone

Philip Johnstone is a multi-talented young Scottish screenwriter with two degrees to his name, the first in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Glasgow and the other, an MA in Screenwriting at Edinburgh’s Napier University. Originally from Invergarry in the Highlands.

Philip currently lives in Oban, on the West Coast of Scotland, where he balances tutoring Engineering part-time and writing screenplays. It was his taut thriller script, The NCCU, that caught the attention of The Ki Agency – set in the murky world of a British Cyber Crime Unit, it brilliantly captures the intense pressure of the police staff there, when a hacktivist attack on a pharmaceutical company leaves the CEO dead. Philip’s other scripts that he’s putting the final touches to are: Controlled, an unusual crime story about a weary gangster and his ambitious wife and Algos, a sci-fi thriller involving a fanatical techno-religion and the powers that try to overcome it. During his film studies at Napier University in Edinburgh, Philip wrote many short film scripts: Straight White Man, The Interview, The Inescapable Cave and Abandoned. Given his impressive technical background, Philip’s imagination is far more complex than the average screenwriter and he’s currently working on some exciting new returning series ideas for TV. There are few screenwriters, capable of operating a camera scan for a nuclear submarine or able to easily find their way around an off-shore oil-rig.

Philip is represented by Anne C. Perry