Sandy Nicholson

Originally from Yorkshire, this multi-talented new screenwriter and freelance dialogue consultant already has two impressive degrees under his belt, a BA in Epistemology (the branch of philosophy concerned with the theory of knowledge) and a BA in Creative Writing from London’s MET University. In 20013, Sandy was one of the nominees for the prestigous International Emmy Foundation – Sir Peter Ustinov Television Scriptwriting Award.

For three years, Sandy was Head Writer at Box Room Films in London, where he supervised scripted web series and numerous short films. He was chief writer on the International re-make of HBO’s In Treatment, Cabu Cabu. NBCU (London) were suitably impressed by his darkly atmospheric Dark Young script, based upon an original HP Lovecraft story about the investigation of a mysterious cult group and he has written many genre treatments and series bibles for them, especially horror series and psychological thrillers and continues to do so.

UK independent film productions company MAGMA Pictures also benefit from Sandy’s talents as a regular contributor to their varied drama film production slate. However, Sandy is undoubtedly far more than just a genre writer with his bold imagination, indefatigable range of exciting new ideas, an encyclopaedic film knowledge and a wicked dark sense of humour. In addition to Sandy’s feature film scripts, RED MASS and THE HOUSE OF SAINTS, he has also completed a variety of TV thriller series, all sharing dark psychological themes: OPEN CELL, HATCH and THE STRID. He’s currently working on a new horror TV series about a serial killer, PLAY ME.

When he can find any spare time, Sandy runs a writers’ group called Kites and Violence.

Sandy is represented by Roz Kidd