fiona barnett

Fiona Barnett

Fiona Barnett lives in Edinburgh, where she is a proofreader and independent researcher. She writes and presents Past Tense, an in-depth history podcast on the British Civil Wars, and her short fiction has appeared in Haunted Voices: An Anthology of Scottish Gothic Storytelling.  Her debut novel, The Dark Between the Trees, was published in October 2022 to excellent reviews.

Reviews of Fiona’s debut novel, The Dark Between the Trees (Rebellion Publishing, October 2022):

Barnett’s grasp of ineffable oddness would make Algernon Blackwood proud. Folktale is layered upon legend and mixed with myth, suggesting that truth in such matters is a porous, honeycombed thing.  Guardian

Hubris and ignorance are punished equally, with Barnett ladling on the unease while showing how history can be both a subject of study and a warning.  The Financial Times

Barnett’s prose is strong, effortlessly conjuring an atmosphere of creeping dread… the sense that something truly ancient and inexplicable is happening around these people is eerily conveyed… an unsettling and compelling folk horror.  SFX

The Dark Between the Trees is folk horror of the most classic kind, refreshed for the new century.  Esquire

Fiona is represented by Meg Davis