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Submission Guidelines

Ki Agency is open to submissions. We regret that we are unable to accept submissions from writers in the US or Canada.

Please only submit to one agent. You will find our individual preferences in our bios below.

Please send scripts for film, TV or theatre as a pdf.  For books, please email a full synopsis and first three chapters / first 50 pages as a Word doc or pdf.

Please tell us a little about yourself in your covering email.

Please do not send submissions on paper, or phone us first to pitch, or ask if it’s OK –  just feel free to send an email to the relevant agent.

No children’s or poetry, please.

We abide by the Codes of Practice of the PMA ( and Association of Authors’ Agents ( )

Meg Davis

Meg worked in the theatre and in bookselling before becoming an agent.  After some years at MBA, she started Ki Agency in 2011 to represent authors and scriptwriters.

Meg’s work for her clients is informed by her involvement behind the scenes, previously as co-Chair of the Dramatists’ section of the PMA, on the management board of Public Lending Right, and as the external examiner for the MA in Scriptwriting course at Sheffield Hallam. She is currently Chair of the Writers’ Organisations Advisory Group, and has also served on the committee of the Association of Authors’ Agents.

Meg is happy to consider scripts in all genres, and books in some genres, especially genre fiction.  Not a good bet for fiction that might be considered to be wearing a cardigan, or which is narrated by an animal.

Photo credit: Edward Taylor at Digital Flow (c) 2018

Roz Kidd

Roz was a Film Publicist for 10 years, working alongside some of the unique talents from the vibrant independent film scene

such as John Waters, Ken Russell, Derek Jarman, Kathryn Bigelow, Isaac Julian, and Quentin Tarantino.  She then moved into script development. After being a Script Reader at Miramax & Channel 4, she went on to work with Fireproof Films, NW1 Films & STV Productions where she sourced a variety of projects (including The Crooked Man and Missing).  She also helped to run a New Writers Scheme with Edinburgh’s famous Traverse Theatre.

Roz accepts submissions of scripts for film, TV or theatre in any genre.

Anne C. Perry

Anne C. Perry will be CLOSED TO SUBMISSIONS from 1 to 31 August, 2021. 

Anne is happy to accept novel-length fiction submissions in all genres. (No short stories, please.) In non-fiction, she is looking for popular science, natural history, popular history, geek culture and memoirs. She loves dinosaurs, robots, explosions, action, romance, adventure, nerds, the Dorset coast, and Oxford commas.

Anne does not represent scriptwriters or children’s authors. She is happy to consider YA if it has clear crossover potential.

Anne began her career in publishing when she founded Jurassic London, an agile, not-for-profit small press. She commissioned, designed, edited and published award-winning books in partnership with Tate Britain, English PEN, The Royal Observatory, and the National Maritime Museum.

Anne also founded the literary award The Kitchies, which she currently co-directs. She was Commissioning Editor at Hodder & Stoughton and the Editorial Director of Fiction at Simon & Schuster before joining Ki Agency. She has won the H.Club 100 Publishing category award and the Kim Scott Walwyn Award. She has been a finalist for the Hugo Award and the British Science Fiction Award, and has won the British Fantasy Award.