matthew feldman

Matthew Feldman

Described in The Independent as “the leading expert on the radical right” and by ITV as the ‘UK’s leading specialist in this area’, Matthew Feldman is a consultant, writer and Emeritus Professor in the Modern History of Ideas.

Matthew has published a dozen volumes on fascism and the radical right, as well as dozens of chapters, articles and comment pieces on this and similar subjects. He has also consulted widely via hundreds of media interviews and nearly 30 trials as an Expert Witness on radical right terrorism, in addition to delivering keynote lectures for the G-7, Council of Europe and many other bodies. Much of his work on radical right narratives and counter-speech is undertaken via his Oxford-based company, Academic Consulting Services, alongside specialist training, reports and advisory work with a variety of public and private organisations. Professor Feldman’s third collection of essays will appear in 2023, and his history of fascism will be published with Yale University Press in 2024.

Matthew is represented by Meg Davis