Shaun Hutson

Shaun Hutson has had more than 60 novels published since 1982 when his best known book, SLUGS hit the shelves.

At that time, the youngest professional author in the world at just 23, he followed it with a string of horror and thriller novels that helped to earn him nicknames like “The Godfather of Gore.” He has written for magazines, radio, TV and film and also worked with rock band Iron Maiden on several occasions, as well as continuing to write books under his own name but not under the six pseudonyms he used. He also appeared in the film “Forest of the Damned” in 2005 playing himself. He has done countless interviews on TV, radio and in print during his career and even occasionally presented a rock show for Sky TV in the 80’s called “Monsters of Rock.”

Shaun is represented by Meg Davis