Stark Holborn

Stark Holborn is the author of Ten Low, Hel’s Eight, the Triggernometry series and the groundbreaking digital serial, Nunslinger. Stark’s fiction has been nominated for the British Fantasy Awards, the BSFA Awards and the New Media Writing Prize. Stark also works as a games writer on TIGA-award winning projects for the BBC, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim and is currently lead writer on Shadows of Doubt, as well as working on the upcoming cyberpunk game Nivalis.

Praise for Ten Low:

“A fantastic, punchy SF action story, full of blood and grit and bitter pasts” – Adrian Tchaikovsky, award-winning author of Children of Time, Dogs of War and many more.

“I loved this from beginning to end. There are furious fight-scenes, down-and-dirty characters and incredible world-building. Stark Holborn grabs you by the throat on page one and never lets you go!” – Cavan Scott, bestselling and award-winning author

“Combining the taut characterisation and clever wit of Stark Holborn’s spectacular Westerns with some splendidly inclusive and innovative sci-fi, this is a wonderful fusion of Firefly and Joanna Russ, with a Ennio Morricone soundtrack”. – Joanne Harris, best-selling author of Chocolat, The Gospel of Loki and many more

“With plenty of action and vivid worldbuilding, this tense adventure will have readers hooked.” Publisher’s Weekly

“Packed with wildly memorable female characters, the
pacey prose keeps things whip-cracking along.”

“Holborn shows what a rich imagination she has.”The Times

An action-packed SF adventure with an intriguing majority female cast? OH, HELL YES!” – Stina Leicht, author of Persephone Station

A gritty space western that fans of The Mandalorian should lap up. As always, Stark Holborn makes us feel immediately for the characters to the point where we’ll follow them through hell. And we do” – Paul Cornell, author of The Shadow Police and Witches of Lychford series

Stark is represented by Meg Davis