scriptwriter Vicky Crompton

Vicky Crompton

Vicky is a writer for film and television, currently in development with her original romantic-comedy feature film ALWAYS THE BRIDESMAID with the BFI and producers Camille Gatin and Farah Abushwesha, co-written with her regular collaborator Nick Singh.

Her original drama series TRASH FISH is set in the horrifying world of the lawless and unregulated trash fishing industry on a modern-day pirate ship, co-written with Alex Zane.

She’s also co-host of the movie podcast Clash of the Titles, and a graduate of Goldsmiths, University of London, where she studied screenwriting.

She has several other projects currently in development, including the time-travel feature film BACK TO THE OLD SCHOOL, co-written with Nick Singh, and LAST TRAIN HOME FOR CHRISTMAS, an original one-off festive holiday film for TV, also co-written with Nick Singh.