You may have noticed that we’ve added a new category to the website – we now have a separate page devoted to telling you a bit more about the three of us, and what we’re looking for these days. But… why? There are a million agents out there, and if you find us while you’re looking for an agent, and you like the sound of us, then you’ll probably query us, right? (That’s what we hope, anyway!)

That’s definitely true. But the thing is, we love having a personally tailored submission. Say, for example, that you’ve written an awesome action-romance that can be compared to Romancing the Stone. But, in your submissions to agents, perhaps you haven’t mentioned that fact – maybe because the film is 35 years old, and someone told you that when you query, you should make comparisons to recent successes. That’s certainly advice I’ve given over the years.

In my wishlist, however, I specifically mention that I’m looking for action-romances like Romancing the Stone. So if you mention that in your query, it’ll get me really excited. And an excited agent is a good thing… (I also love The Mummy, fyi.)

Good luck!

Evie and Rick smile at each other, from The Mummy 1999
The Mummy 1999 gif


Featured image photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash