Being spoilt for choice and running out of time is the norm at any Film Festival but this year’s London Film Festival’s cinematic riches were ridiculously impressive. Knocking off all the films that were due to open soon plus the ones that clashed with our diaries, film tastes or had instantly sold out meant a very peculiar mixed bag schedule. Kicking off with this year’s LFF with a literal ball of fire in Steve McQueen’s deeply powerful and fast moving thriller, WIDOWS, we were also spoilt with a Q & A with the great man himself plus the main cast including Viola Davis.

If I then tell you that the next 3 films I saw all combined excessive 1970’s stylish retro influences and colours, buckets of blood with a sprinkling of wry humour you will be left scratching your heads, but this bunch included; SUSPIRIA, BEING FRANK & IN FABRIC. I won’t tell you anything else as all these films deserve to be seen knowing as little as possible – the internet floods us with far too many opinions. The last film I saw was a low-key Scottish romantic drama called ONLY YOU, shot in and around my home town of Glasgow. Looking towards the future, we (in North London’s Highbury & Islington) are about to have a very exciting new neighbour, LSA, Working Title’s new Film Academy for 16-19 year olds. It is due to open September 2019 and is a great omen for any local kids with an interest in film.


Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash