So, it’s been a whole month for me at the Ki Agency and what a blast I’m having. It’s obviously quite
tricky to imagine how an agent actually finds any new writer let alone a decent one. Once again, as
previously stated I cannot give too much away as our competitors may be reading this. However, not
wishing to deliberately trip over writerly looking suspects in the street, neither do I run around with a
large butterfly net or a gleaming sword, hoping to nab or slay an unsuspecting wanna-be writer. I can
now proudly boast of signing up two super-talented young graduates; Moira James-Moore and
Andrew X. Fleming, whose work is outstanding – I look forward to help shape their future careers in
the flourishing UK media arena. There are of course many other writers whom I have “in my loop”,
who are at various stages of script development – some I am helping to improve their already
intriguing material and others are only at short script stage, so encouraging them to break out to
feature or at least an hour in length. Looking forward to various celluloid goodies at the upcoming
London Film Festival where I shall be searching once again for some unsuspecting new writers.