Update from Roz

So, it’s been a whole month for me at the Ki Agency and what a blast I’m having. It’s obviously quite
tricky to imagine how an agent actually finds any new writer let alone a decent one. Once again, as
previously stated I cannot give too much away as our competitors may be reading this. However, not
wishing to deliberately trip over writerly looking suspects in the street, neither do I run around with a
large butterfly net or a gleaming sword, hoping to nab or slay an unsuspecting wanna-be writer. I can
now proudly boast of signing up two super-talented young graduates; Moira James-Moore and
Andrew X. Fleming, whose work is outstanding – I look forward to help shape their future careers in
the flourishing UK media arena. There are of course many other writers whom I have “in my loop”,
who are at various stages of script development – some I am helping to improve their already
intriguing material and others are only at short script stage, so encouraging them to break out to
feature or at least an hour in length. Looking forward to various celluloid goodies at the upcoming
London Film Festival where I shall be searching once again for some unsuspecting new writers.

Roz's No. 1 Blog

My very first week of being an Agent was even more thrilling than I imagined it would be. Armed with a brand-new pencil case, I felt slightly like an over grown 5 year-old. I was already aware of my wonderful new office building (appropriately an old TV factory) and sampled the tasty coffee in the café downstairs. After impatiently ripping open the wrapping of my shiny new laptop, there was no stopping me and to my amazement there were already half a dozen e-mails awaiting my attention. I am genuinely impressed by the very high standard of some the scripts I’ve already had the pleasure of reading. There are so many different ways and means of finding new writing talent, but obviously I could never reveal tactics here. Trying to second guess what influential film/TV producers and drama commissioners are looking for is always tough but not impossible. Certain themes just like in fashion are cyclical, so the current demand for genre stories with a twist;  horror, crime, 1980’s set stories, anything female-centric is all fine with me as a female horror fan with a penchant for strong and distinctive individual “voices”. Originality, in any form is always a sheer delight to encounter and helping that talent to bloom in the market is a challenge, but one that I cherish. Send me a script that surprises me, scares me, moves me, makes me laugh or simply impresses me with its natural story telling abilities and I promise to react positively. Here’s to an exciting future at the Ki Agency.

Welcome to the new website!

Exciting new developments at Ki, with Roz joining as a script agent.  We've done a lot of work behind the scenes to create the new website, but inevitably there'll be some fine tuning to do.  We'd be grateful if you let us know of any problems with it.